International Beauty Champion C.I.B.
International Show Champion C.I.E.

Grand champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Poland
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech republic
Champion of Hungary
Champion CMKU

Junior champion of Poland

Puppy club winner

Crufts qualification 2013


Candidate of Champion Germany
Candidate of Champion Slovenia
Candidate of Grand Champion Hungary

Candidate of Grand Champion Slovakia

Candidate of Junior champion Slovakia

BISS - 1x
BIG - 1x
BIG 2 - 2x
BIG 3 - 1x

BOB - 10x, Junior BOB - 1x, BOS - 1x, CACIB - 8x, National winner - 3x, res. CACIB - 5x, Regional winner - 1x, CAC ČMKU - 4x, CAC - 32x, res. CAC - 4x, CAJC - 4x, Class winner - 1x


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